Civic Agencies

“Thank you again for your excellent work in bringing these incredibly important concepts to our organization, and then reinforcing them in follow-up meetings. Our organization is much better and will continue to be for years to come as a result.”
Jim Baron, Manager, Northwest Washington Fair
“Without exception, each Board member attending expressed that their time and investment was worthwhile as it provided a clear comprehension of board structure and their role in it.”
Vicki Gardner, Executive Director, Smith Mountain Lake Chamber of Commerce
“Prior to working with Bill Charney, our organization was stuck in neutral with no real vision for the future. Within the first year after working with Bill, we developed a new and vital mission, gained a sense of what we meant and could mean to our communities, and created a working plan to have a year-round impact. Almost ten years later, we continue to thrive!”
Barry Feil, President & CEO, Celebrate Fairfax

Charitable / Cultural / Human Services

“This organization moved light years ahead in stating objectives, ENDS, and defining the role of the staff and the board in accomplishing proactive measures to end hunger. The work and guidance provided by Bill Charney has paid huge dividends in clearly defining internal and external roles of the staff and board, but more importantly, provided more direction, more focus and more accountability to those we serve, those at risk of going hungry in the Communities we serve. I strongly recommend Charney Associates.”
Martin L. White, (Former) Chief Executive Officer
“Since you joined us in the middle of a nearly aborted attempt with less experienced consultants, you were faced with a great challenge. You managed to break through the confusion and bring clarity to a process that had become seriously bogged down. Your experience and professionalism pulled us through a really tough period! I also want to note your superb follow-up that ensured that we were able to stay on track. This has been invaluable.”
Tyler Lantzy, Past Board Chair
“Your ability to get the key staff and the board focused on common goals and objectives brought needed structure and balance to the Cosmosphere. You helped align the board, while setting up a system that allowed the staff the freedom to ‘push the envelope’ with the security of knowing how far to push. The most important aspect of your time with us was in your ability to get the board to ask tough questions of themselves and of the organization, and to begin considering ideas that would have previously never been discussed.”
Jeff Ollenburger (Former) President and CEO
“The groans that are heard when someone is informed that they will be attending a day long retreat are nothing new in the world we live in. There were no groans on Friday. None. That, my dear Mr. Charney, is no mean feat. Well stated and well done… The wisdom and good old fashioned common sense you imparted to us and helped us dig out of ourselves should enable us to do nothing but grow and strengthen as a board.”
Lisa Parsons, Company Manager, Denver Center Theatre Company, Board Member, PHAMALy
“Bill, thanks for your help. A number of board members have remarked that it was the best meeting they’ve been to since joining the MFB Board. Your efforts certainly made that happen.”
Philip M. Andrews, Esq., Past Board Chair, Maryland Food Bank


“Thanks, Bill! We recently completed the policy revision project with the adoption of restated ends. Chancellor Glasper and the Board are beginning the rigorous process of performance evaluation under the policy governance model. I believe your help provided important independent guidance for the board, and helped move the organization to a higher level of governance understanding and skill. Thanks very much for your help.”
Lee Combs, Esq., General Counsel, Maricopa County Community Colleges
“Thank you for knocking it out of the park at yesterday’s board workshop. Board member’s remarks during/afterwards were testimony to your success: the workshop was great, it met or exceeded expectations, a valuable launching point for CCEE’s future, worth the time, a fresh approach to defining (and understanding) what success looks like, better knowledge of board vs staff roles, very useful for other organizations I’m associated with, and much more. Staff is looking forward to creating the game plan to fulfill the board’s vision and produce home runs for Colorado’s future employees, voters and citizens.”
Debbie Pierce, President, Colorado Council for Economic Education
“Board members found the day-long session with Bill Charney thought provoking, challenging and worthwhile. We were very pleased with the discussions, the interactions between board members, and how Bill handled himself. Clearly, he is an accomplished board consultant.”
Charlie Tveit, CEO, Lake Health District


“Your counsel to The Colorado Health Foundation provided us with a governance structure that has evolved into a dynamic and efficient decision making body that has become a privilege to be associated with. I am a big fan.”
David Livingston, Past Board Chair, The Colorado Health Foundation


“The two day workshop you provided in January was the most beneficial I’ve attended in the forty years I’ve been in the park and recreation profession. The adoption of Policy Governance has significantly clarified the respective roles, responsibilities and relationships between the board and staff.”
Webbs Norman, Executive Director (Retired), Rockford Park District (Illinois)
“Thanks Bill. You helped me understand and make (Policy Governance) work. It is still working! I doubt I would have had any measure of success in implementing change, developing new strategies and creating some damn innovative programs without it. It is all about relationships and yours has been an awesome one. Thanks, and with deeply held gratitude…”
Rich Boyd, Executive Director (Retired), Tennessee Arts Commission
“I want to tell you that ‘This stuff works!!! The transition to PG has greatly enhanced our effectiveness as a governing Board. I am pleased to see this Board finally adopt the program.The greatest gift we received is the monthly monitoring reports. The ability to have the ends statements identified, interpreted and complied with have allowed all of us to focus on what’s really important. Again, thanks for your expert guidance through a challenging process.”
Dave Williams (Former) Commissioner


“I am not sure you really appreciate how many lives you touch with your work since you do not usually see the trickle down effects to other organizations beyond your engagements. I know the direct impacts are extremely significant, as you have seen at HoG and heard from the focus group yesterday, but everyone on our board that was trained by you impacts all of the other organizations they work with.”
Dr. Robert Carton, Past Board Chair, Hemophilia of Georgia
“I really enjoyed your webinar series and really do feel advantaged to have joined an organization that implements your strategy. I joined Melissa Memorial in early 2007 as an interim and my interaction with the Board (and the ease with which it takes place) is part of the reason I stayed on full-time. I know that even the best, well-meaning people can flounder without a good system in place; I would recommend your process to anyone who asked.”
John J. Ayoub, FACHE, Administrator, 2013, Melissa Memorial Hospital (Colorado)
“Policy Governance has given me a much clearer direction of what the board expects of me as the CEO. I’ve become empowered to see that the organization meets expectations without the fear and limitation of not knowing where my authority begins and ends. The greatest part for me is that now the board meetings are not my meeting in which I give tons of operational data, but a time that I can share information with the board that allows them to look at the long-term future and vision for the hospital district.”
Arlene Harms, Administrator, Rio Grande Hospital (Colorado)

Trade/Professional Associations

“Once again, you really made the roles and “true north” so clear for our association. Thank you for your inspiration!”
Veronica Precella, CEO, Boulder Area REALTORS® Association
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bill Charney, both as a director and a Board Chair, since 2007. At that time we had a 27-person board. Meetings were long and actions not cohesive or productive… Based on Bill’s guidance, we are now a board of 15. We have a complete set of policies, and an organization that has become much more focused, relevant and of far greater value to the members. We continue to use Bill’s expertise. Attesting to his value, several past directors have returned to the board and remark on the positive change since we began the Policy Governance model with Bill as our consultant and mentor.”
Gordon Goetz. Past Board Chair, California Association of Community Managers
“The talent, expertise and energy you brought us as our facilitator was critical to the success of our implementation of Policy Governance. Your additional follow-up support has ensured that the board’s time and effort during the development process were maintained during implementation. This has allowed our board to become the leadership body they had struggled to be, and improved the level of satisfaction that board members experience… We would specifically recommend you as the key to successfully implementing this process.”
Rod Shafer (Former) CEO