Boardroom excellence occurs by design, not by chance. For boards that have made commitments to putting governing policies/structures in place, having available expertise and a resource committed to helping the board and CEO jointly excel in their work is a great enhancement to focus, productivity and the strengthening of relationships between the board, its members, and the management team.

The Governance Progress and Support (GPS) System™ enables boards to navigate their path to strong and visionary leadership with Charney Associates providing “technical support” for boardroom excellence.  Many clients annually renew their GPS agreements, indicative of the recognized value of these highly flexible and tailored year-round support/“coaching” services. GPS agreements provide an array of preferred-client services (including fee discounts correlated to the volume of services contracted) and consulting services availability, typically a combination of primarily remote services, with some on-site consultation.

GPS packages typically include a combination of the following on-site and remote services:

On-Site Sevices

  • Board retreat planning and facilitation
  • Board meeting observation and counsel
  • Assistance to management on Ends Action Plan development
  • New board member orientation
  • Advanced board training (wide variety of customized topics are available)
  • Ownership linkage plan development
  • Customized services specific to your board and your process

Remote Services

  • Agenda planning
  • Annual board work plan development
  • Monitoring report drafting assistance to the CEO
  • Monitoring report review assistance to Chair/board members
  • Policy development/preparation
  • Availability to assist board committees in structure and function
  • Availability to answer questions from board members (phone or e-mail) throughout the year

In addition to having Bill Charney and/or Tom Keyse available as a “governance coach” throughout the year for a combination of on-site and remote support, GPS clients receive additional benefits: